Patient Testimonials

In their own words, our patients tell us how much you care

Letters from our Patients and their Families

BWFH staff and employees often receive heartfelt thank you notes from the patients and families they serve. The letters below are devoted to featuring those special letters from patients and family members who have benefitted from the incredible compassion and expert skill of our superb staff.

Dear Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital,

I want to thank Addiction Recovery Program social worker David Perry for his honest, genuine support and caring during what has been the most challenging part of my life.

I never felt he had anything other than what was best for me in mind. His calmness and acceptance during my relapse showed me it’s ok to ask for help, and more importantly, it works.

This program has change my life for the better in so many ways. I can’t believe it has only been 10 days!

It doesn’t seem like enough, but from every fiber in my body – THANK YOU!

He makes such a difference in people’s lives, please don’t ever lose sight of that. He has truly found his calling.

Dear Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital,

I am writing to applaud you because of the home hospital program which allowed me to recover from a COPD flare recently. I was thrilled to be able to participate because I am more comfortable at home. Dr. David Levine and Kim Tierney, RN, were both attentive to my condition and my health needs allowing me to recover more quickly. After 9 days at BWFH last October, it took home rehab for 8 weeks before I felt well enough to return to normal activities. Being treated at home has allowed me a much quicker and easier recovery. I recommend this program to anyone suitable for home care. Yesterday, I returned to my Tai chi class. Last week, I was able to get groceries with the help of my niece and my breathing has improved immeasurably. Thank you!

Dear Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital,

Nick, thank you for you support! As I know you know, but never enough to say, I appreciate the many gifts you gave me in the partial hospital program. You allowed me the space to open up and the freedom for me to dig, explore and find more of me; a me I like more than the day we met. I go forward to continue the practices I learned knowing it is all ongoing practice. Good luck to you. You are a very talented and very smart professional man. I hope you know this too and realize your fullest potential and find much joy along the way.

A nice thing is that all the members of the group said the nicest things to me - even the quiet voices like K’s. It was so nice.

Best to you and the team. I know where you are now. I told the lady at reception, as I left l, that the experience for me was like flying first class. Truly.

Dear Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital,

I cannot say enough excellent things about all aspects of the partial hospital program. I came into the program feeling dull and flat and I leave feeling positive, hopeful, well and I believe ready. I will miss the staff, group members and the stability of the program. I also fear I will lose the safety or “protection” I felt here, but I also know I leave here with new skills I have been practicing and researching to learn even more about. I really like the IFS protocol/materials/therapy and will look to invest these into my therapy and for a group. I am very glad that I have some ways to work with my ruminations. They are awful, the ruminations have pervaded my consciousness. Now I have a way to look at the thoughts. Thank you all so much.

Dear Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital,

My daughter was treated and admitted to BWFH recently. She received outstanding care from everyone.

Dr. George Dyer evaluated her and immediately added her on to the OR schedule that afternoon. Dr. Dyer is extremely kind and very reassuring. He explained exactly what needed to be done and why. Before we knew it, she was getting ready for the OR.

Bill Hines, 6th floor secretary, told funny jokes and brought a smile to a nervous patient and mother. Ann Forde, RN, in pre-op holding prepped her for surgery. Ann’s professionalism and kindness made this process easier for my daughter and me. The anesthesia team, Dr. Vogel and Arthur Dayton, CRNA, explained the anesthesia process in a way that was easily understandable for an upset/anxious 23-year-old. Arthur’s IV demonstrated his IV skills when he successfully could start an IV on my vein-challenged daughter. Everyone from the OR came out and introduced them-selves to her. She felt like she was among friends going into the OR.

In the PACU, my daughter woke up to a smiling Meaghan Cunniffe, MA, (former lacrosse opponent) handing her a Popsicle. Mary Malin was her nurse and was so good to her, but I have to say all the PACU nurses/staff were very kind and stopped by to say hello.

Nurse Director Mary Anne Barry welcomed us upon her admission to the 7S. Caroline was her nurse. I cannot say enough good things about her care.

However, Amanda Lee is by far the star of 7S. She was kind and comforting, especially when I was not there and my daughter was told she needed a PICC line. Amanda stayed with her, dried her tears and held her hand until she calmed down and I was able to get there. Amanda made my daughter feel safe and protected and I couldn’t be more grateful. Laurie, the orthopedics NP spent time explaining the plan and answered numerous questions.

The discharge planning (thanks Kathy Lang) went so smoothly. Before we knew it, a PICC line was inserted. Annie Bosse was gentle and skillful. The nurse from New England Life Care arrived and started PICC line teaching. We were sent home with all the necessary supplies and the medications were delivered as promised on Saturday as well as a Partner’s Home Care nurse visit.

Please excuse the length of this letter. I wanted you to know how comforted my daughter’s dad and I were knowing that she was with such great staff. I apologize if I forgot to mention anyone. Everyone was wonderful, kind and helpful.

As a long time employee, I strongly believe we received great care, as do all the patients at BWFH.

Dear Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital,

I was a patient on 6 South recently.

I am grateful to the entire Laboratory Department, especially the phlebotomist. The Lab – unsung “heros” in saving my life. You deserve a mountain of credit!

The phlebotomists – they all made me smile. Always cheerful, upbeat and kind.

I spent 22 years as a US Navy Chief Hospital Corpsman (Medical Director). I think I was having 4-5 tubes of blood drawn 4-5 times a day. I know I kept you busy. Your hard work, kind spirit and professionalism didn’t go unnoticed!

God bless the Laboratory Department. I am grateful for your contribution to saving my life.

Dear Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital,

Recently, I was urgently admitted to BWFH through your Emergency Department and spent four days of 6 South.

I wanted to let you know what amazing care I received. I’ve worked at almost every hospital in the Longwood area and I’d choose BWFH any time.

Starting with the ED, my doctor, Paul Chen, and my wonderful traveling nurse (whose name escapes me) kept me informed and consulted with me on every next step.

Then I was admitted to the 6th floor and the excellence continued. My nurses and doctors we so compassionate and caring. Also, I noted how all were meticulous and adhered to protocol. (I think I recited my name and DOB in sleep. Ha ha.)

The warmth and comfort from all the nurses made me feel I was with friends who really cared. Thank you to Mila, Patricia, Sydonie, Edna and the nursing assistants.

My doctor was on vacation so I feel I hit the jackpot with my care team - Dr. Shael Brachman, Dr. Homenko and Dr. Rangel were the best. Even connecting with me after discharge.

As a care provider for years, being on the patient side wasn’t easy. But your hospital and staff helped make it bearable.

Great people, great job!

Dear Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital,

I recently had two senior members of my family admitted on the same day to BWFH and both were assigned to 6 North. My soon-to-be 97-year-old mother has had numerous hospitalizations as she is a survivor of two heart attacks in her 50s. Over the last 34 years her cardiac condition has been managed by a very outstanding team of dedicated, superior Brigham and Women’s physicians. My 90-year-old aunt was admitted due to cardiac congestion with other issues.

I am obligated to tell you how well both of my relatives were cared for and treated during their stays. At every level of their care from the emergency room to their discharge, your staff extended very competent and compassionate care. I was especially impressed by the courtesy and friendliness of the individuals who are responsible for clean rooms, corridors and rest rooms for the visiting families. I should also include the receptionists, food staff and laboratory technicians. If I were related to you or if we were significant donors, we could not have had a better hospital experience.

Please extend our gratitude an appreciation to your staff for their dedication, professionalism, competence and care. You should be very proud of all of them and for all that you have to make this a truly outstanding healthcare facility.

We met Mary Beth Dynan (Service Excellence Manager) on our way home. She provided your email address and made our departure a memorable one, she is a lovely person who represents the values of your organization.



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