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Surgical Weight Management Research

One of our responsibilities as a regional leader in weight loss surgery, and as a clinical program in a world-renowned hospital (Brigham and Women’s) and medical school (Harvard Medical School), is participation in cutting-edge research in obesity and bariatric surgery. Furthermore, we believe that we should be the regional leaders for the introduction of new and innovative treatments. Therefore, it is very possible that during your experience in our program you will be asked about participating in a scientific research project.

Participation is voluntary and will not impact negatively or positively on your progression to weight loss surgery. If you opt not to participate in research, you will not be penalized in any way. Participation in research is also entirely anonymous and your identity will not be revealed without your explicit permission. The results of these efforts improves the treatment for patients undergoing bariatric surgery for morbid obesity and the related health conditions.

Some of our current research topics include:

  • Remission of diabetes after bariatric surgery
  • Impact of gastric bypass on HDL cholesterol levels
  • Safety and efficacy of conversion of gastric band to gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy
  • Impact of postoperative phone calls on readmission rates
  • Efficacy of preoperative weight loss and education programs
  • Early hospital discharge for patients having sleeve gastrectomy
  • Health disparities within patients considering bariatric surgery

Learn more about our research initiatives at the Brigham and Women's Laboratory for Surgical and Metabolic Research.

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