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Outpatient Infusion Center renovations improve the patient experience

Patients undergoing infusions often find themselves tolerating long sessions. In the Outpatient Infusion Center at Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital, the staff works tirelessly to make the experience as pleasant as possible, whether it’s offering patients a warm blanket or simply being friendly and kind. Recently, the physical space was renovated with a clean, modern look that’s making the patient experience even better.

The refreshed space features new flooring throughout, a new front desk, a new patient nutrition center and new blinds on all the windows. Hardware for Partners eCare and new cardiac monitors were also installed. The color scheme is light and fresh with tones of green on the walls, guest chairs and privacy curtains. Nursing Director Susan FitzMaurice, MPA, BSN, RN, Clinical Leader Gerri Shea, RN, and the staff were all involved in the decision-making process. “I have to say, the staff did a great job choosing the finishes,” says Shea. “It’s really been lightened up.”

In addition to the new look and equipment, new infusion chairs, which were funded through a gift from a generous donor, complete the space. The recliner chairs feature massage and heating elements to ease the stress of long infusion sessions. Before deciding to commit to the specific chair model, patients were asked for their opinion. “We actually invited the patients to try out the chairs,” says Shea. “We gave them all a survey and there was not one negative thing about the chairs.” Finally, the door between the main room and infusion chair room was also removed.  This has really opened up the space and there has been a very positive reaction by the patients.

In order to better serve their population, the Outpatient Infusion Center has extended hours one evening a week. “We did a survey and we asked patients what night they would like,” says Shea. As a result, the Outpatient Infusion Center is now open on Tuesday nights until 7:30 pm. The evening session is designed for those patients who find it difficult to take time off of work. “We’re advertising and promoting it and trying to select people who might like it,” explains Shea. “We’re happy to have them.”

With their updated space, the Outpatient Infusion Center staff can continue to give the excellent care infusion patients are accustomed to, but in a more comfortable and inviting environment.


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