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Patients/Visitors: Please complete a brief screening on our prescreen app prior to arrival to expedite entry into our hospital. To learn more about receiving care during COVID-19, click here.

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Supporting the Comprehensive Breast Care Center

BWFH provides a patient-centered approach to breast cancer detection, prevention, patient and staff education, research, and treatment, making it one of the leading centers for breast health care in New England and throughout the country. In the decades since its establishment in 1971, the center has cared for well over 100,000 patients. What makes this center unique, however, is not the number of patients seen, but the exceptional care that patients receive every day.

By combining the legacies of the Sagoff Center for Breast Imaging and Diagnostics and the Faulkner Breast Surgery Center, BWFH’s new Comprehensive Breast Care Center represents the hospital’s next chapter in expert breast medicine. The center houses new 3-D mammography technology, diagnostics, surgical and postoperative management, reconstruction, recovery, and patient–family support services. Patients have the option of either a standard mammogram, for which they can receive same-day results, or 3-D mammography. Each stage of their care is carefully coordinated among specialists to provide seamless care and help reduce stress and anxiety for both the patient and their family.

To help breast cancer patients manage their care effectively – while reducing their uncertainty and fear – the Breast Center at Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital has launched the Patient Navigator program.

Patient Navigator staff are dedicated to helping patients move through the entire medical process. Drawing on deep knowledge and experience, they provide detailed clinical information and practical help with the challenges of managing their care. And, with insight and empathy, they provide trained emotional support, helping patients working through the personal and interpersonal challenges created by their diagnosis.


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