One year later, Breast Imaging and Diagnostic Center feels at home in its new space

In October of 2022, the Breast Imaging and Diagnostic Center relocated from Belkin House to a brand new space on the fifth floor of Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital. One year later, staff, providers and patients are all feeling at home in the new space thanks to its modern design and recently installed artwork which, along with the center’s dedication in honor of Thea Stoneman, completed the project.

Mammography Technologist Tracey Cyr has worked at the center for 33 years. When it was time to move into the new space, she was excited to continue to provide her patients with the high-quality care they have come to expect in a more modern space. “Our patients come here because they expect the best in breast imaging. Now we have a beautiful space where we can provide our breast imaging services in a place that is calming, bright and cheerful,” she says. “Our patients enjoy the views of the Arnold Arboretum from the waiting room, the artwork and wallpaper in the exam rooms, the warm blankets and the soft background music we play during biopsies. They also appreciate how efficient we can be in the new space. We worked hard to streamline our screening service, so patients spend less time in our department.”

Suzanne Pender, MD, one of the Brigham and Women’s board-certified subspecialist radiologists who sees patients in the new space, says the biggest improvement is the location. “We have patients who need to have seed or wire localization in our clinic right before going into the Operating Room,” she says. “In the old space, we had to transport them across a busy parking lot, often times in bad weather. Now, it’s a simple and safe elevator ride to the first floor. As a physician, it makes me feel so much better knowing my patients do not have to brave the elements traveling from one building to another.”

The patients themselves often express how pleased they are with the new space to their mammography technologists. They also have the opportunity to review their experience via a post-visit survey. Here’s what some of them have had to say:

It’s been many years since I’ve been coming to Faulkner to get my mammograms. The new facilities are modern and spacious and even easier to get to than the Belkin House building.

The new premises are very bright and clean. I had no issue with the old location, but the new setup is very open and welcoming. It was a very positive experience, all I expected and more.

The facility is so beautiful, clean warm and calming.

I thought the new facility was really nice. The waiting room was light and airy and had a beautiful view of the Arboretum, which is important to me. The technologist was kind and the whole process was streamlined. I had a very positive experience and was then able to walk through the Arboretum.

View down the Sagoff hallway
The hallway leading to the Sagoff Screening Suite before and after the installation of artwork

Views inside the new Breast Imaging and Diagnostic Center
More examples of the artwork added throughout the space

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