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Patient and Family Advisory Council

at Brigham and Women's Faulkner Hospital

PFAC Accomplishments

PFAC is a group made up of patients and their loved ones that advise, recommend and participate on hospital-wide programs and initiatives. Some of the things we do are:

  • Participate in regular PFAC meetings
  • Participate in committees and initiatives across the hospital
  • Review and provide feedback on educational materials and resources
  • Provide input into a variety of strategic initiatives, facility design and development of new services and offerings
  • Participate in staff training initiatives
  • Recognize care teams and staff who demonstrate excellence in providing optimal experiences
  • Share stories about care experiences

Our Patient/Family Advisors have contributed their voice and perspective to many Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital initiatives and programs.

Click on a project below to learn more:

Emergency Department Expansion

Advisors provided input on the look and layout of the latest 2021 expansion of the Emergency Department. They ensured that in every step of the way, changes and additions were patient and family centered.

The expansion included:

  • 27 treatment spaces
  • 2 behavioral safe rooms
  • 4 Results Pending chairs
  • Consult Room
  • EMS Holding
  • Human Decontamination Room
  • Upgraded waiting area
  • Command Central reception area
  • 5 patient bathrooms
  • Medication Room

BWFH Emergency Department 2021

BWFH Emergency Department 2021

BWFH Emergency Department 2021

Inpatient Admission Guide

Advisors regularly provide input on the content and look of the patient booklet/guide “Your Guide to Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital” that is provided to all inpatients at the start of their admission. Below is a before and after of the latest version of this guide.

Patient Guide (old) Patient Guide (new)

Other Recent Accomplishments
  • Participated in the Magnet Recognition Program-Community Stakeholder Meeting and provided key insights on the hospital and PFAC to Magnet Appraisers to help determine their decision for Magnet Recognition.
  • Provided feedback on icon-based menus versus text-based menus in a new patient portal. The hospital was transitioning from the current patient portal “Patient Gateway” to a new portal “MyChart.” Ensuring patient and family usability perspective.
  • Provided key input and feedback on patient letter that would inform patients of a change to the current process of the Out Patient Infusion Center (OPIC) Weight Based Drug Dosing Program in the Infusion clinic. Helping the unit focus the letter more on the importance of safety and better outcomes rather than cost.
  • Provided key input a brochure that would educate family members on Target Temperature Management (TTM) for their family members that survived cardiac arrest after cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
  • Engaged with PACU on a plan to develop a Pre-Operative/Surgical Check-In Status Board. This board would communicate delays to patients on the day of their surgery to get real time information when they check in and as they are waiting for their surgery.
  • Engaged with Perioperative Areas on a plan to provided surgical patients with a self-check-in option via kiosks option. Discussed key insights on the plan and options for ensuring patient centered approaches.
  • Engaged with Taiclet Family Center on a plan to develop a “Family Liaison Status Board” in the Center. The feedback was to help ensure that the board will have the needed information to help reduce questions and calls from family members.
  • Involved in discussions to develop key information on best ways to support patients and their families during the initial COVID-19 crisis.

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