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Patient Testimonials

In their own words, our patients tell us how much you care

Letters from our Patients and their Families

Dear Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital, 

My mother was admitted via the ER and then transferred up to the ICU. Unfortunately, she passed away a few days later. The care she received from the PA Jackie and the nurse Victoria was outstanding. They were kind and gentle with my mom and they made me feel very welcome in the ICU too. It wasn’t too long after I arrived one day that my mom’s values were acting strangely and the PA Jackie and I decided to move my mom to comfort care. (Two!) priests arrived to administer the last rights to her and we were allowed to have more than one person in the room to say goodbye to our beloved mother.

We noticed a tray of tea, coffee and snacks arrived outside my mom’s ICU door—thank you. What a nice gesture. As difficult as it was to say goodbye to our mom, we knew she was at peace and no longer struggling to breathe. Her doctor, Dr. Lauretti, has been a wonderful doctor to her for many years. She needs to be thanked too.

Just wanted you to know that you have many kind, caring people on your staff.

Thanks again.

Dear Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital, 

Dr Trinh is an amazing human being and wonderful doctor. He cares for his patients with compassion and respect. I have been blessed having him care for me as his patient. He has helped me every step of the way in dealing with cancer. The nursing staff, especially Terri, was awesome and caring. She explained what was needed for home care after my surgery and made me feel very comfortable.

Dear Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital, 

Everyone was wonderful. My nurse, Laurie, was very reassuring (and funny). Dr. Matzkin was comforting and answered all of my questions, and my wife told me she was very detailed on the phone call immediately after my surgery. Everyone that had a hand in my care was very kind and informative.

Dear Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital, 

Literally every person from pre op admission to discharge was special. Many thanks to Maura Lauenstein from the OR, a familiar face who kindly checked in before surgery. Kudos to Sue Kane from pre op who kept the convo flowing and the anxiety at bay. On The inpatient unit, I was cared for by Patty, Lauren, Michelle and Digi. All four were compassionate, informative, knowledgeable and patient, and each spent meaningful time during their shift to stop in and just engage me in conversation. Never once did I feel like an inconvenience, or that I was keeping them from something. CNAs Gilberthe and Tammy were professional, friendly and both made my first attempts of getting out of bed and ambulating after back surgery much less scary under their watchful eyes. I am very grateful to receive such outstanding care from BWFH.

Dear Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital, 

My experience at the Gregory Endoscopy Centre was exceptional. From checking in with the Receptionist and then meeting my Nurse who took my vitals and asked me to confirm my medical history and who also answered all my questions and to my IV nurse who started my IV without any problems at all and pain free. She was very skilled. My Endoscopy Nurse who was with me during the procedure was kind, courteous and professional during my procedure. She took the time to explain what she was doing and asked if I had any questions before each step she was doing. That made me feel at ease before she proceeded and I felt included in my care during the procedure I was going to have.

I would also like to add the nurse who was with me after the procedure was also kind and caring while offering juice and crackers before I left. She wanted to make sure I was ok before dressing and leaving. I was not hurried out the door. The care I received was patient health first. The Endoscopy Centre was clean and COVID-19 protocol was highly regarded. I was thankful to have such great care. I would also like to say the Dr. Daniel Stein is an excellent Gastroenterologist and I am thankful to have him as my doctor. The healthcare that was provided to me at the Gregory Endoscopy Centre is the patient is first and foremost and very skilled healthcare providers are with you each step of the way. One of Boston’s finest hospitals! Thank you!!

Dear Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital, 

Recently, I was seen in the ED at BWFH. This was one of the worst experiences of my life, until I came to BWFH because of the wonderful nurses I had. They made my experience better and comforted me through what was a very difficult time in my life. They stayed with me until my mom came and held my hand while I had to drink a nasty medication. These were the nurses that made me want to get better and actually start the path to become a nurse as well. Their names were Jen and Catherine (both from the ED) and I have been searching for a way to thank them for everything they did for me. I would be very grateful if this could somehow find its way to them. I just want them to know that their efforts made a huge difference in my life.

Dear Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital, 

It was an incredible visit, from start to finish. The receptionist checked me in quickly, efficiently and so kindly—put my mind at ease immediately. I had arrived early for the test and I was taken in immediately, such a pleasant surprise. I only wish I could also remember the names of the three additional people who were so professional, so compassionate and so very helpful. It was an exceptional visit, above and beyond anything I could have asked for. Thank you all for caring so much about your patients. I will always be grateful.

Dear Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital, 

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the young x-ray technician that took my x-rays, as she was so polite and considerate of the elders that she deserves the highest ratings possible. There should be more young people like her who care about their personal position in whatever their job may be. She is definitely a role model and I was fortunate to have her help me. Thank you!

Dear Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital, 

Dr. George Dyer and his entire team were outstanding in every way. Their communication skills are spectacular, and their caring and passionate demeanor should be the goal of every medical professional. Their expertise in extremities surgery is unmatched world wide.

Dear Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital, 

No one wants to have surgery but I can’t say enough about how amazing the staff is at BWFH. My preop nurse Margaret Foley and my postop nurse Patricia Dowling were absolutely the best—warm, respectful, caring, clear and comforting. I really feel like I could not have been in better, more expert, caring hands than my surgeon Dr. Kantor and my anesthesiologist (whose name I unfortunately can’t recall). I am very grateful that I could have my surgery done at BWFH, which is close to where I live, and where I have received my health care for years. Thank you!

Dear Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital, 

Susan, the pre-op nurse was incredibly kind and efficient. I was very nervous about my negative medical experiences leading up to the day of surgery, and was very concerned about the post-op medical care and follow-up. Susan not only calmed me down and allayed my fears, but most importantly, her skills and empathy helped send me to surgery in a much healthier frame of mind. She should be recognized for her work and positive attitude, particularly in today’s current environment of workplace fatigue/burnout and loss of personnel. Tina, the IV nurse, Dan, the other pre-op nurse, and Charlene, the post-op nurse, are also to be commended for their positive attitudes and help.

Dear Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital, 

Love working with Nancy Oliveira. She has been soooo helpful. Nancy has guided me through a very difficult time in my life and we have made great strides at her direction. All of my numbers are down and I am much healthier than before I met her. Each time we meet she has a new tip for me to make things better.

Dear Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital, 

My experience was exceptional—from scheduling through discharge—and I’ve already recommended the Gregory Endoscopy Center to my work colleagues, family and friends. My experience was extremely positive on every point of contact—from the emails and text messages that prepared me for my visit, to the check-in, prep nurse and nurse and doctor conducting the procedure and overseeing my recovery. I’m so grateful to my care team!

Dear Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital, 

The nurses and staff at the Infusion Unit are the absolute BEST!! Professional, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. I feel very comfortable every time I am there and actually look forward to my visit. They all know their business and treat their patients with respect. I cannot say enough about them. Thank you.

Dear Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital, 

I was recently a patient at BWFH. I am writing to you to share my experience and feedback regarding the care that I received and the people who cared for me.

I had surgery with Dr. Steven Chang. My surgery and general recovery were as scripted by Dr. Chang. My surgery was as routine a surgery as one can imagine, I suppose. The only real hurdle… I AM ALSO A CRITICAL CARE NURSE! Quite possibly the worst possible patient imaginable… veteran critical care nurse, educated-know-it-all, broken middle-aged dude. Is there even a worse possible patient? Clearly, no!

My day started with registering for surgery and was greeted by Dawn. I should have known by the end of registration that everything would have turned out fine. Friendly, kind, competent, empathetic–the perfect traits for the person most appropriate to get the day going in the right trajectory!

Peggy was the nurse who greeted me and prepared me for surgery. How fortunate for me to be in her care! I think I was her first patient of the day. I was rewarded with a painless IV start (seriously!), only 900 questions and the kind of care VIPs dream of. Although, in my heart of hearts, I know that the care I received from Peggy is the kind of care that she gives everyone. I was treated with a high level of competence, compassion, dignity and empathy unrivaled by my other surgical experiences, and I have always received great care. She held my hand and hugged me as I cried leaving for the OR. She comforted my wife. What an amazing person and nurse on your team!

Nurse Michelle was also there helping out while Peggy caffeinated! Priorities! Michelle was also supremely competent and had the perfect combo of nurse sarcasm and compassion.

Dr. Jennifer Kim and Sarah Toczylowski, CRNA, were the members of the anesthesia team that I remember. I was introduced to the circulating OR nurse but I do not recall her name. I do not remember everything that they said to me (Isn’t that the point?), but I remember how they made me FEEL. And, they all made me feel safe. Nothing else matters. 

Karel was the nurse responsible for listening to whatever anesthesia-inspired gibberish spilled out of my mouth. Likewise, I do not remember everything that she said to me. But I do remember waking up to her smiling face and speaking kindly to me. I remember the warm blankets and I remember her speaking kindly to my wife. My first recollections after surgery are of her comforting voice.

I spent the remainder of my time at BWFH in room my room. My room was, at all times, neat, clean, uncluttered, but warm and welcoming. Generally quiet, as far as surgical units go, but not really the best place for restful sleep. Housekeeping entered my room several times as necessary, and every time with a knock and warm greeting. Room Service was prompt and friendly, likewise with a knock and friendly greeting. Mikayla and Jaliesa from Room Service were even so kind as to help maneuver my table and make it easier for me. Super friendly and even addressed me by my name! Those details matter!

The nurses and PCAs looking after me were awesome. My nurse Elise did my admission and discharge and I received very thoughtful and competent care. Super friendly and spent time going over details with my wife. Mila was my overnight nurse. Comforting, easy to talk to and very attentive. The PCAs Rose, Vanessa and Janaibo (spelling?) are all very, very hard working, patient, kind, engaging, attentive and talented. It cannot be easy to do their jobs. It was a busy time. I tried not to make their jobs harder, but I most certainly had all of my needs met and was made to feel like nothing I asked about, or for, was an imposition. Your staff made me feel like my needs were the only ones that needed attention, while clearly doing that for all of their other patients as well. 

In closing, I would like to thank these fine people, and the people managing and directing them, for their expertise, their compassion, their humor and for treating me with respect and dignity. My care and experience at BWFH was exemplary and I cannot adequately thank you enough for keeping me and my family safe and comfortable.


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