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Patient and Visitor Information

BWFH Employee Shuttle to Forest Hills Lot and MBTA

The following schedule is for the BWFH employee shuttle that goes between BWFH, the Forest Hills Parking Lot and Forest Hills MBTA (effective 4/2022).

All times are subject to traffic and weather conditions and may change without notice.
Please contact BWFH’s Parking Department at 617-983-4704 with any shuttle inquiries.

Click here for a printer-friendly PDF of this schedule.

Live Shuttle Tracking

BWFH now uses the GPS Insight Manager app to track its shuttles buses. To download GPS Insight Manager, please visit the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Once you’ve downloaded the app, log into BWFH’s shuttle GPS with this username: Faulkner and password: Vpne1234. The TransLoc app has been discontinued. To view on your desktop or mobile device, simply click here, click "Login" on the top right of the page and use the same login listed above.

Morning Schedule

Departs Forest Hills Parking Lot for Forest Hills MBTA and BWFHDeparts BWFH for Forest Hills MBTA and Forest Hills Lot
5:15 am (A)5:25 am (A)
5:25 am5:35 am
5:35 am (A)5:45 am (A)
5:45 am5:55 am
5:55 am (A)6:05 am (A)
6:05 am*6:15 am
6:15 am (A)**6:25 am (A)
6:25 am*6:35 am
6:35 am (A)**6:45 am (A)
6:45 am*6:58 am
6:55 am (A)**7:05 am (A)
7:10 am7:23 am
7:20 am (A)7:33 am (A)
7:35 am7:48 am
7:45 am (A)7:58 am (A)
8:00 am8:13 am
8:10 am (A)8:23 am (A)
8:25 am8:38 am
8:35 am (A)8:48 am
8:50 am9:03 am
9:00 am (A)9:13 am (A)
9:15 am9:28 am
9:25 am (A)9:35 am (A)
9:45 am (A)9:55 am (A)
10:05 am (A)10:15 am (A)
10:25 am (A)10:35 am (A)
11:17 am (A)---

Afternoon Schedule

Departs BWFH (for Forest Hills Parking Lot and MBTA)Departs Forest Hills Parking Lot (for Forest Hills MBTA and BWFH)
12:10 pm (A)12:20 pm (A)
1:10 pm (A)1:20 pm (A)
2:10 pm (A)2:20 pm (A)
2:35 pm (A)2:45 pm (A)
3:10 pm3:23 pm
3:20 pm (A)3:33 pm (A)
3:35 pm3:48 pm
3:45 pm (A)3:58 pm (A)
4:00 pm4:13 pm
4:10 pm (A)4:23 pm (A)
4:25 pm4:38 pm
4:35 pm (A)4:48 pm (A)
4:50 pm5:03 pm
5:00 pm (A)5:13 pm (A)
5:15 pm5:28 pm
5:25 pm (A)5:38 pm (A)
5:40 pm5:53 pm
5:50 pm (A)6:03 pm (A)
6:05 pm6:18 pm
6:25 pm6:35 pm
6:45 pm6:55 pm
7:05 pm (A)7:15 pm (A)
7:25 pm (A)7:35 pm (A)
7:45 pm (A)7:55 pm (A)
8:05 pm (A)8:15 pm (A)
8:25 pm (A)8:35 pm (A)
8:55 pm (A)

* - Stops at Forest Hills Employee Lot only
** - Stops at Forest Hills MBTA station only
(A) - ADA accessible shuttle

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