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Two BWFH staff members recognized with Patient Safety Awards

December 2019 Patient Safety Award

At Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital, delivering safe, high-quality care is at the center of all we do for our patients and their families. For staff members who exhibit exceptional care as it relates to patient safety, the hospital recognizes them with a Patient Safety Award. 2 South Mental Health Worker Joseph Akintayo and 6 North Nurse Director Suzelle Saint-Eloi, MS, RN, were recently honored with a Patient Safety Award.

Akintayo was selected for the Patient Safety Award after an event in which a patient who was on an accompanied walk outside the hospital with attempted to run into traffic as a suicide attempt. Akintayo was able to catch up to the patient and prevented the patient from entering traffic.

Saint-Eloi was also recognized for her role in the event. She witnessed the patient attempt to flee while heading to her car, called Security and assisted Akintayo in safely returning the patient back to the unit.

“They worked as a team to get appropriate resources and help the patient,” explains Executive Director of Patient Safety, Quality, Risk, Infection Control, CDI and Clinical Compliance Christi Clark Barney, MSN, RN. “Their quick actions prevented injury to the patient.”

In review of the event, 2 South Nurse Director Maria Olivier, MSN, RN, is working on a plan to adjust the accompanied walk schedule to prevent a similar type event from happening in the future.

Patient Safety Awards are given by BWFH’s Patient Safety Committee to recognize employees’ attentiveness and dedication to patient safety. In our safety reporting system, RL Solutions, managers can recommend a reporter receive a Patient Safety Award. Each quarter, the Patient Safety Committee reviews the nominees and votes to select an event that exemplifies patient safety in action.

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