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Renovations allow for consolidation of space and more efficient workflows on the 6th floor

New Care Continuum space

New dedicated Care Continuum Management space

Up until recently, hospitalists and Care Continuum Management staff shared a small space on the 6th floor of Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital. Across the hall, residents used one space for their clinical work and another for educational sessions. The advanced practice professionals (NPs and PAs) who work closely with the hospitals used workstations on the various units. But now, after a renovation process, the 6th floor space has been redesigned to better suit the needs of those who work there.

Care Continuum Management has moved across the hall to the room the residents had been using for their clinical work. In the newly designed space, the care managers have found a better sense of comradery. “Our new modern suite design creates a community feel allowing for collaboration, promoting teamwork with informal space for ad hoc meetings,” says Care Continuum Management's Kathleen Lang, BSN, RN. “The new space is clean, bright and airy.”

Moving Care Continuum Management across the hall has allowed the advanced practice professionals to move in with the hospitalists. “All of our medicine non-teaching service is now together there,” says Chief of Medicine Scott Schissel, MD, PhD, “They are in one work room. It’s been a huge lift for the morale of the entire team.”

And for the residents, the Pariser Conference Room has been remodeled to house both their educational sessions and their clinical work area. “The goal was to fully renovate the Pariser Conference Room to create an inner conference room that’s fully up to date and a wrap-around workspace with multiple workstations,” says Dr. Schissel. In the new space, everyone has a computer on which to work and the conference room area features up-to-date technology such as dual conferencing ability with BWH, a flat screen monitor and better lighting.”

“It’s a win-win,” explains Dr. Schissel. “We now have the three teams working in their own areas, which definitely maximizes daily workflows.”

Pariser Conference Room before renovations

Pariser Conference Room before renovations

Pariser Conference Room after renovations

Pariser Conference Room after renovations

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