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Patient Gateway reaches major milestone with 700,000 patients enrolled

Partners Patient Gateway is a convenient and secure way for patients to manage their health and communicate with their doctor's office online. It is so convenient and secure, in fact, that the Partners patient health information portal has just topped 700,000 subscribers – meaning nearly half of our 1.5 million active patients are enrolled.

Getting its start in 2002, participation in Patient Gateway ramped up organically with patients and practice staff enjoying lab results, provider messaging, prescription requests and more. It reached 500,000 users in 2012 just as Partners took initial steps to implement the Epic electronic health record. The addition of Epic’s MyChart functionality enabled Partners to add a new range of features from patient-driven updates and health questionnaires to new ways for patients to chart and log their health over time.

“Since beginning our Epic implementation, 200,000 more subscribers have seen the benefits and enrolled,” says Cindy Bero, Corporate Director for Information Systems. “That growth has been spurred by hospital and practice enrollment campaigns, new practices joining Partners eCare, the addition of an updated mobile app and a great team of hard-working staff from both Information Systems and Partners eCare.”

“Patient Gateway is the foundation of our broader goal to expand and accelerate access to digital tools for our patients,” says Adam Licurse, MD, Chair of the Partners Patient Engagement Committee. “From direct and open scheduling to video visits to population health management, it enables so many of our efforts to help engage patients in their own care.”

For more information or to enroll in Patient Gateway, click here.

14 Ways Patients Benefit from Partners Patient Gateway

  1. Check lab results, reports, and letters from providers.
  2. Send non-urgent messages to providers’ office.
  3. Review the latest updates and visit summaries in patient record.
  4. Pay bills online.
  5. Access medical information 7 days a week / 24 hours a day.
  6. Review prescriptions and request renewals.
  7. View conditions, allergies and immunizations.
  8. Search patient education and wellness materials.
  9. Update their own medications, allergies and health problems.
  10. Change their address or other personal information.
  11. Use health questionnaires to better inform their providers.
  12. Attach an image to share visible symptoms when appropriate.
  13. See charts of their test results over time.
  14. Share a daily log of their own care with your practice.

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