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Nurses receive I CARE Awards for going above and beyond to provide culturally appropriate care

Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital’s I CARE Award recognizes staff members from all areas of the hospital who go above and beyond their regular job responsibilities to make BWFH a great place to work and receive care. Emergency Department staff nurse Holly Cattin and IV nurse Jestin Jose were recent recipients of I CARE Awards for their efforts to provide culturally appropriate care.

Cattin was nominated for her I CARE Award by fellow Emergency Department staff nurse Mary Frances Stinson. In her nomination letter, Stinson wrote:

 I would like to nominate Holly Cattin, RN, for an I CARE Award for her work with a case we had in the hospital. Holly is my preceptor (I am a new nurse) and she handled herself with such poise in all aspects of this case. Before the patient arrived, she took charge to get things ready in the room, meanwhile instructing me on the processes because this was my first patient that I had been assigned that came in with this diagnosis. Holly allowed me to do the documentation and timekeeping during the code, standing back and being my shadow in case I needed something. She also jumped in and helped others as needed during the code with whatever supplies they required or requests that were made by providers. After the code, however, was when Holly really shined. This case was difficult because the patients did not speak English and was of a different culture. She displayed such empathy, compassion and patience when speaking to the spouse, allowing the spouse to say goodbye, meanwhile working in the background to assist with the cultural requests of the patient. The patient had requested to forgo an autopsy for cultural and religious reasons. Holly worked with the providers to ensure the proper legal and ethical responsibilities were being met and worked alongside social workers and the chaplain to aid in delivering this information to both providers and the family/friends. She ensured that understanding was achieved by the spouse when explaining the written request to the Medical Examiner to forgo an autopsy, as well as in communicating with other members of the spouse’s support system. She was able to delicately approach the difficult subjects while making everyone in the room comfortable and demonstrating excellent patient-centered care. I am learning so much from her throughout this process and admire her ability to make her patients feel comfortable and respected. Holly is most definitely deserving of this award!

Jose was nominated for his I CARE Award by Emergency Department staff nurse Julia Calton for his work during the same event. In her nomination letter, Calton wrote:

During a very unfortunate code in the ED recently, Justin volunteered his time without hesitation to translate to a family member who did not speak English. Being in person to translate and explain the situation to the family made a huge difference in the family’s understanding. Justin was empathetic, compassionate and caring. Thank you, Justin, for assisting the ED in a very difficult case; we appreciate you!

Do you know a BWFH employee who has gone above and beyond to demonstrate BWFH’s I CARE Standards? To nominate a fellow colleague for an I CARE Award, please visit BWFHconnect. A team of colleagues will personally recognize the employee by presenting them with balloons, a thank you card and a gift certificate redeemable in the cafeteria or Atrium Café.

Published 6/21/22

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