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New Lead Nursing Supervisor has years of leadership experience

Image of Aliesha Wisdom

Aliesha Wisdom, RN, was recently named the Lead Nursing Supervisor at BWFH. Wisdom received her BSN from Fitchburg State, and then her MSN from Curry College. She started at BWFH in 2013 as a clinical leader on 6 North and has been working for BWH or BWFH ever since. Her leadership roles have included part time supervisor, assistant nurse director, and nurse director. She currently works full time as the lead nursing supervisor at BWFH and per diem in the patient access center at BWH.

Wisdom says being a nurse for 11 years has given her experience in many different areas and specialties. “Since transitioning to nurse leadership roles, I haven’t had as much bedside experience, but as a supervisor you still do codes and rapids and things like that, so you still keep your clinical skills up to date,” she said.

Wisdom always wanted to be a nurse but did not picture herself in leadership roles when first starting out. “Somebody else saw qualities in me, that person encouraged my path,” she said. After years of being a nurse leader, Wisdom says she likes operations and has learned a lot about working with her team and staff.

“What I’ve gained from some of my other leadership roles is communication in regard to staff and staffing needs and being able to actually communicate with the staff collaboratively, so they understand reasoning and are involved in the decision-making process,” she said. Wisdom feels comfortable at BWFH with her team and truly enjoys her job. “There’s just so many aspects and fields of nursing, you’re never stagnant,” she said. “And I like helping people. I think that’s the bottom line of it.”

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