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New hand sanitizer dispensers make it easier than ever to practice proper hand hygiene

New hand sanitizer dispensers

At Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital, hand hygiene is a top priority. One way the hospital is encouraging patients, visitors and staff to practice proper hand hygiene is by replacing all hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the hospital with a new and improved model.

With the old hand sanitizer dispenser model, when the four D batteries were used up, the units simply stopped dispensing hand sanitizer, but there was no indicator to let Environmental Services know that the battery needed replacing. “EVS would come by and see that the unit had hand sanitizer in it, but they would have no idea that it wasn’t being dispensed,” says Director of Environmental Services and Central Patient Transport Rudy Viscomi.

The new hand sanitizer dispensers have a streamlined look and a more efficient battery system. “With the new model, the battery is included with the bag of hand sanitizer that’s loaded into the dispenser,” says Viscomi. “That means every time the dispenser is filled, the battery is also fresh. This new design eliminates a big barrier to hand washing.”

One other added bonus is that the battery on these new units is a single small battery, as opposed to four D batteries, which will help to reduce the hospital’s recycling cost and environmental impact.

The new dispensers have been installed hospital wide. However, if there is a place in your work area that needs a hand sanitizer dispenser installed, please contact Environmental Services at 617-983-7283.

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