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MRI upgrade proves successful by providing better image quality, faster scan times and more satisfied patients

Strategic Goal: Clinical Growth and Financial Strength

The Department of Radiology recently embarked on a major project to upgrade their MRI. Rather than replace the entire unit, the existing magnet remained in place while the machine was upgraded from the Siemens MAGNETOM Avanto to the MAGNETOM Avanto fit. This decision has proved to be both cost effective and highly successful. The new MRI and the care redesign that went along with the upgrade has resulted in better image quality, faster scan times and more satisfied patients.

Chief of Radiology Dr. Stephen Ledbetter says he’s thrilled with the results. “It’s improved access, giving us 41 more exam slots per week. This has led to greater asset utilization and enhanced revenue,” he says. “We now have the highest volume throughput of any MRI scanner in the entire Brigham Health fleet.”

Dr. Ledbetter credits much of the project’s success to Dr. Srinivasan Mukundan, Medical Director of Magnetic Resonance Imaging at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. “Our success was born out of our move toward integration and subspecialization with BWH-based radiology,” explains Dr. Ledbetter. “It was Dr. Mukundan’s deep MRI expertise that allowed us to confidently make the right choice of scanner and manage the issues we encountered during the upgrade. But of course it’s always the whole team who gets the job done. We couldn’t have accomplished this without our amazing MRI technologists as well.”

Working alongside Director of Radiology Brian McIntosh, Radiology Program Manager Rakesh Kannan and MRI Supervisor Stacey Pacini, Dr. Mukundan helped the team shorten protocols. “This reduced some of our scanning time lengths and allowed for more exam slots to be created,” says Dr. Ledbetter.

For staff, conducting more scans each day does mean they are working at a faster pace. But the convenience for patients that results from shorted appointment times and better results makes it all worthwhile.

MAGNETOM Avanto fit

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