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Looking to improve your health in 2019? CaféWell can help

Wellness will take center stage in a new, engaging way at Partners HealthCare in 2019 with an interactive wellness tool that will get you moving. The goal is health optimization and the new tool will help you make daily choices that impact your health.

Partners will move the administration of its employee health plans from Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of Massachusetts to AllWays Health Partners on January 1, 2019. At that time, employees will also receive access to a wellness platform called CaféWell. The tool, which is offered through Welltok, will give a personalized experience and provide recommendations to improve your health. At first, CaféWell will be available to employees and dependents enrolled in our health plans. Later in 2019, CaféWell will be available to everyone at Partners, regardless of where they receive health coverage.

CaféWell is for everyone regardless of your health status. There will be programs devoted to eating healthy, exercise and helping you manage chronic illnesses like diabetes.

Here’s how it works: You fill out a private online health survey to help CaféWell get to know you, as well as your health and wellness goals. The portal analyzes your information and offers suggestions to improve your health and set goals.

CaféWell also tracks your progress in a private, secure environment.

Wellness highlights

The new wellness program will offer employees a variety of benefits, including:

  • A health assessment and personalized report
  • Live, interactive monthly webinars on health topics like physical activity and nutrition
  • Expert blogs on healthy living
  • Online communities that connect you with other members on similar wellness journeys
  • Tools to help you make healthy choices, such as managing your cholesterol or having a healthy pregnancy
  • Step challenges that link to your personal wellness device
  • A monthly e-newsletter

Lisa-Beth Doyle, Manager of Health and Wellness at Neighborhood Health Plan, which will soon become AllWays Health Partners, said CaféWell offers more flexibility. Rather than being confined to one fitness tool, you’ll get to use the platform in whatever way best meets your needs.

“CaféWell is a robust platform that’s on par or better than what’s currently being offered by other plans, including BCBS,” said Doyle. “A major differentiator is the fact that it’s compatible with more personal tracking devices than just the Fitbit. Employees will get to sync with more than 80 step trackers, apps and personal devices.”

Doyle said CaféWell is just one aspect of Partners’ wellness programs. Employees can also access telephonic health coaching. The coaches will help members set and meet personalized wellness goals, such as healthy eating, weight management, physical activity and stress reduction.

Rose Sheehan, Chief Human Resources Officer at Partners HealthCare, said the idea is to have a variety of platforms to focus on all aspects of healthy living.

“It’s a clear benefit to our employees and their family members,” Sheehan said. “That will be a positive asset of the new health plan.”

Visit CaféWell in 2019

Partners employees will get to experience the wellness benefit in the new year. At that time, you can complete a health survey and get started on the road to wellness.

January 1 is just the start. Partners HealthCare and AllWays Health Partners will add new programs and tools every quarter.

One exciting program expected in the spring is an activity challenge and competitions between work sites. These fun programs will make you want to put on your sneakers, get active and take on Partners colleagues.

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