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Looking forward to 2018, reflecting on 2017

In his New Year issue of President’s Points, Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital President Michael Gustafson, MD, MBA, reflected on the past year, celebrations and trials alike, and asked us to look forward to 2018, what will hopefully be a healthy and joyous year. He also invited readers to share some of their own memories with our hospital community. Below are some of the reflections Dr. Gustafson received.

Susan Dempsey, Vice President of Clinical Services:

2017 was a year filled with pride for me.

At home, I was bursting with pride as my son graduated from high school with some great accomplishments along the way and easily and happily transitioned to college in a new city.

At BWFH, I have had time for reflection as we transition areas of responsibility. I have been fortunate to lead our Support Services over the last 7 years. I have worked with smart, industrious and committed leadership in these departments. They have worked tirelessly to develop a staff that can take pride in their work and teams that are truly committed to putting the patient at the center of all they do. There is always more work to do but I am very proud of all that the Support Services have accomplished.

Shannon Vukosa, RD, LDN, Clinical Nutrition Manager:

The highlight of my 2017 was definitely the birth of my son, Nolan, on Valentine’s Day!

Brian McIntosh, BS, RT (R), CRA, Director of Radiology:

There is a saying that advises a person to get right back on a horse if they fall off (or are thrown off) in order that they keep their confidence, stem any fears and show the horse that it can’t get away with it. This is a metaphor for life as well. My joy this year was to see my daughter Sarah ride this horse. “Mister” is a gentle horse and part of an equine therapy program. Though he never threw her, this picture represents all she overcame this year. I am extraordinarily proud of her. She is back in the saddle again!

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