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Gift brings technology to bedside to improve care

Scott Schissel, MD, PhD

Recent advances in technology hold great potential for improving patient care. That’s what inspires Scott Schissel, MD, PhD, as he leads efforts to develop innovative care tools for Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital.

Dr. Schissel’s initiative to bring more technology to the bedside has gained the attention of an anonymous donor family, who has pledged $250,000 for several innovative projects.

“I’m so grateful for this family’s visionary support and their understanding of technology’s potential to improve medical treatment,” says Dr. Schissel, chief of medicine, vice chair of clinical services and education, and a pulmonologist who cares for a member of the family.

Their contribution has already spurred change by making ultrasound imaging readily available in patient rooms. The goal is to enable physicians to simultaneously perform a physical examination, ask the patient about symptoms, and obtain real-time images of internal anatomy—a seamless approach that will improve diagnosis and treatment.

Looking ahead, Dr. Schissel plans to use advanced computer software to improve blood sugar analysis and management in patients with diabetes.

“Computer science advances—many only recently applied to healthcare—enable the rapid processing of many data streams,” Dr. Schissel explains. “These are tailor-made for monitoring diabetes, which requires constant review of fluctuating data about glucose levels.”

Dr. Schissel adds, “With the hospital’s small size and collaborative care teams, we are nimble, especially in the deployment of technology. We function like an incubator for the most promising ideas. This gift will have an immediate impact on enhancing the care we offer patients.”

You too can play a role in transforming the future of medicine. Visit to learn more.


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