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Department of Radiology Patient Satisfaction Task Force hosts Privacy Week

Radiology Privacy Week

The Patient Satisfaction Task Force in the Department of Radiology is charged with reviewing the department’s Press Ganey results and strategizing ways to improve the patient experience. They recently addressed patient wait times, where they have begun to see improvement in their survey results. Now, they’ve turned their attention to patient privacy, hosting a Privacy Week to bring attention to the good work already being done and the ways in which staff can improve.

Sabrina Klein is Radiology Project Coordinator and a member of the Patient Satisfaction Task Force. “We wanted to engage the staff and remind them about privacy at the same time,” she says of the goals for the week.

Privacy Week began with a presentation by the Privacy Office. Topics included locking computers, Epic access and how to discuss exams with patients. Then, each day, staff received an email on a privacy-related topic written by members of the department. Those topics included:

Monday: “Access, Passwords and Locking Your Computer” from Brian McIntosh, Director of Radiology

Tuesday: “Why Are We Checking IDs at the Front Desk?” from Roseanne Howell, Radiology Support Services Supervisor

Wednesday: “Be Aware of Your Surroundings” from Migdalia De Jesus, Interventional Nephrology Program Coordinator, and Sabrina Klein, Radiology Project Coordinator

Thursday: “Conversing with Patients in the Hallways” from Doug Maybury and Rakesh Kannan, Radiology Program Managers

Friday: Wrap-up email with frequently asked questions from staff

The Patient Satisfaction Task Force also rounded in the department, handing out cookies and conversing with staff about the day’s topic. “We had a lot of positive feedback,” says Klein. “I am really thankful to our staff for their continued commitment to our patients and their privacy.”

Do you need a refresher on patient privacy? All staff are reminded to take their annual HIPAA training in HealthStream by September 30.

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