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Department of Radiology installs state-of-the-art nuclear cardiology equipment

Nuclear Cardiology Scanner

In the Department of Radiology at Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital, nuclear medicine has long been used to perform cardiac testing, allowing physicians to see blood flow to heart muscles in patients with symptoms suggestive of heart disease or heart attack. With the recent installation of a new, state-of-the-art nuclear cardiology scanner, these tests can now be performed faster and with more accurate results and increased comfort for patients.

The D-SPECT by Spectrum Dynamics is unparalleled in its comfort and technology. For starters, the open design greatly helps patients with claustrophobia. Additionally, the chair allows imaging on patients up to 542 lbs. and can move from flat to fully upright positions to accommodate patient needs. With traditional nuclear medicine machines, patients must lie flat in a gantry with their left arm extended over their head for up to 30 minutes at time.  

Marcelo DiCarli, MD, Medical Director for Nuclear Medicine, agrees that the new scanner will drastically improve operations within the department. “This scanner offers a new and exciting opportunity for patients at BWFH by allowing more accurate diagnosis of coronary heart disease at significantly reduced radiation dose and overall imaging time. The system is also designed for greater patient comfort. Patients and their referring physicians will be very pleased with the results,” he says.

“Demand for nuclear cardiac imaging tests has increased in recent months as outpatient and inpatient services expand,” says Brian McIntosh, Director of Radiology. “The installation of the D-Spect is perfectly timed to support that growth, and provides the highest quality, most efficient, lowest dose imaging exams possible here in the community hospital setting.”

He concludes, “I think our patients and referring physicians will be very pleased.” 

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