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Deland Fellows gain experience working alongside BWFH senior leaders

From Left: Courtney Ortiz Miller, Alison Magruder and Tiffany Moncur; Not Pictured: Levi DeLuke

The Deland Fellowship, based at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Brigham and Women's Faulkner Hospital, is a one-year administrative experience which prepares professionals to be leaders of healthcare institutions. Throughout the year, Deland Fellows focus on effective ways to bridge the worlds of science, medicine and administration. Deland Fellows pursuing administrative roles gain an in-depth understanding of the clinical aspects of healthcare; and those who have a clinical background explore the principles of management, operations and finance. Due to its flexible curriculum, Deland Fellows have the choice of working on a variety of projects to further define their areas of interest.

This year, four Deland Fellows are spending time at BWFH:

Courtney Ortiz Miller completed his undergraduate work at Binghamton University before earning a master of science degree in Biochemistry and an MBA from the University of Miami. In the years between his undergraduate work and graduate school, he worked in clinical research at Massachusetts General Hospital in the Department of Neurology as well as New York City’s Hospital for Special Surgery where he served as the Senior Clinical Research Coordinator for spine.

“I’ve started to lead various projects in the hospital, some of which have challenged me and have already provided an opportunity for professional growth,” he says of his experience as a Deland Fellow at BWH. “I’ve also been fortunate to meet with many healthcare leaders throughout the Brigham family and the broader Mass General Brigham system. Special shout out to my mentor David McCready, BWFH President, who has been welcoming to me and continues to provide new perspectives during our conversations and insight into exemplary leadership. Being a Deland Fellow is an incredible experience and I’m looking forward to all that I achieve over the course of this year.”

Alison Magruder completed her undergraduate work at Williams College before earning an MBA in Health Care Management from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. In the years between her undergraduate work and graduate school, she worked in the Strategic Planning Department for Montefiore Health System and spent a summer interning for NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital in Operations.

“The Deland Fellowship has been an amazing experience thus far,” she says. “As Fellows, we’ve met so many incredible people and learned a great deal about the Brigham family and Mass General Brigham as a system. We have also started our project work which has been a great way to get hands-on experience. I feel extremely fortunate to be able to learn from such great people and to work for the Brigham family.”

Tiffany Moncur grew up in the Bahamas and completed her undergraduate degree in Political Science at Cornell University. She later obtained her master of science degree in Health Informatics at the University of South Florida and her MBA in Healthcare Management and Finance at Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School. Her prior work experience includes research at the National Institutes of Health, a graduate internship at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and work as an Anatomic and Pathology Supervisor at Quest Diagnostics.

She says, “My experience within the Deland Fellowship so far has been exciting and a game changer as I continue my journey within healthcare. In addition, the fellowship has and continues to provide me with the opportunity to gain an aerial view of tackling problems not only within the Brigham family, but also at the Mass General Brigham level. During this time, I continue to meet great people and learn from various leaders while applying my skill set in helping to understand, address and resolve challenges along the way.”

Levi DeLuke completed his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at Yale before earning a master of science degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from MIT. In the years between his undergraduate work and graduate school, he worked as a co-founder of a medical device startup and did research in manufacturing and operations in the biotech industry. 

“I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to work on and lead multiple projects that provide first-hand experience on the day-to-day operations of the hospital and Mass General Brigham system more broadly,” he says. “As Fellows, we have been fortunate to meet with senior leaders from across the system to understand strategy that drives many of these operational changes. I am looking forward to continuing this work and learning from people across the system over the remainder of the fellowship.”

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