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Continuous Virtual Monitoring to improve patient safety

continuous virtual monitoring

The nursing staff at Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital will soon begin using Continuous Virtual Monitoring (CVM). The new program seeks to improve patient safety by providing continuous observation to patients meeting certain criteria. 

7 North Nurse Director Juliet Gleason, MBA, MSN, RN, who helped bring the program to BWFH, says CVM will make a big impact on patient care. “This technology is used nationally as an intervention for reducing falls and reducing patient assisted device removals, such as IVs, catheters and other related devices. It can also help decrease the use of constant observation,” she says. “BWFH will be using a remote monitoring model in which our patients who meet the criteria will be observed by technicians at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.”  

How does CVM work?

BWFH has purchased three cameras for use with CVM. Each camera has a designated direct-dial cell phone that goes along with it. The Nursing Supervisor is responsible for deploying the equipment to the room of a patient who meets the criteria for CVM. Once the equipment is set up, the monitor technician at BWH can watch the patient. The patient’s nurse at BWFH and the monitor technician can also communicate with each other using the direct-dial cell phone.

“Should a patient care emergency arise, the monitor technician can activate the STAT alarm which will cause the camera in the patient’s room to sound,” explains Gleason. “All available staff should respond to this STAT alarm.”

Who qualifies for CVM?

CVM is available on all BWFH medical and surgical inpatient units (6 South, 6 North, 7 South and 7 North), as well as the ICU.

“The program is designed for patients who need constant observation,” says Gleason. “By monitoring them virtually, we can free up staff on the unit to care for our other patients.”

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