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BWFH honors its most dedicated employees at 2023 Service Awards

headshots of the employees with 40 to 45 years of service

Each year, Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital’s Employee Service Awards honor employee milestone anniversaries beginning with five years of service. This year, 215 employees were recognized during the virtual event. One of whom, Inpatient Dietitian Robin McFarland, RD, LDN, reached her 45-year anniversary!

During the presentation, which was hosted by Executive Director of Human Resources Laura Barnett, BWFH President David O. McCready, MBA, MHA, thanked BWFH’s most dedicated employees for their years of service. “Whether you have been here for five or 45 years, please know how grateful I am for all that each one of you does every day,” he said. “So much has changed since our first group of five-year anniversary employees started here... And for those celebrating longer anniversaries, the changes in the hospital and the world are even more dramatic. But the one thing that has remained constant is your steadfast commitment to the Faulkner and to always doing what is right for our patients and your colleagues. What a privilege it is to serve alongside you. To those of you who are marking your milestone year, I applaud you and I thank you.”

Later, a special in-person celebration was held where honorees had the opportunity to meet with hospital leadership and pick up a special gift given in recognition of their years of service.

To watch a recording of the virtual event, click here.  

Congratulations and Thank You to All of Our Recipients!

5 Years

Bridget Andrews
Odane Atkins
Brittany Ballaron
Etheart Bertrand
Elvia Bonds
Deborah Bondy
Nicole Bourque
Mona Brutus-Bernadotte
Santa Cardoso
Cheryl Carpenter
Robert Castro
Ashley Cazeau
Khatchig Chirinian
Colin Churchill
Vanessa Cooper
Ann Marie Costello
Darryl Croon
Marissa Danilchuk
John Degiacomo
Richardson Douesius
Elizabeth Doyle
Mary Eibye
Lara Evora
Ryan Fogaren
Colleen Forrest
Elsa Gega
Max Georges
Sandra Greenwood
Diane Hake
Samuel Hammond
Tyler Hart
Shavanh Hosein
Klajdi Hoxha
Elise Hurley
Nicola Hyde
Edward Innarelli
Anne Jean Noel
Erica Jensen
Angela Jordan
Reem Kassab
Margaret Kelly
Elizabeth Kimbro
Nicole Leaper
Dawn Leider
Alexsandria Lopes
Widnie Luc
Lauren Lucier
Mira Lumahan
Makenzie Magee
Sabriah Mahdi
Elizabeth McCann
Kathryn McCarraher
O’Jean McDowell
Carine Michaud
Atiya Niles
Felicite Njieptchi
Antonio Obsequio
Aalia Parris
Guilandre Paul
Anne Philippe
Naicka Pierre
Edward Pitts
Christine Possi
Caroline Quinonez
Barbara Ramos
Sarah Rastegar
Susan Reeners
Maguy Rene
Ivy Rodriguez
Stephanie Roulier
Joanna Rowland
Katelyn Ryan
Tata Sanor
Darren Scully
Yuliya Sergeyeva
Milayzia Shedd
Laura Sifrig
Stanley Smith
Sasha Soto
Lauren Thomas
Jean Ulysse
Paulina Vitello
Meaghan Watson
Allison Whyte-Platt
Sia Willis
Rachel Wolk
Wayne Wu
Meghan Zilch
Vicky Zouzoulas

10 Years

Donna Allen
Stacey Brown
Hazel Carleton
Johanny Chacon
Yvette Conille
Heather Crocker
Migdalia De Jesus
Elora Decareau
Jean Eddy Elisna
Ann Forde
Jaleisa Francis
Franklyn Frith
Madeline Garcia
Noel Groves
Maureen Guden
Margaret Hallett
Tashawna Hamilton
Katherine Kane
Sydonie Leonard
Karen Long
Angela McLeod-Clarke
Abdelati Mena
Costin Negroiu
Suzanne O’Connor
Albert Pavao
Ralph Pierre
Shonda Polite
Jose Romero
Arusyak Simonyan
Julie Steller
Zachary Traficanti
Clarence Turner


Posted 5/26/23

15 Years

Christine Anderson
Techely Auguste
Modupe Babagbemi
William Babine
Veronica Bastien
Marie Blanc
Richard Bonomi
Eunice Carias
Betty Daudin
Althe Duberry-Cabey
Kelly Flanagan
Sandy Galanis
David Goldberg
Catherine Gortze
Peter Graham
Jennifer Hansen
Maureen Holleran
Romualdo Homecillo
Georgette Hurrell
Jorge Jesus
Ann Kandalaft
Zouhair Kharkhach
Leslie Lewis
Joanna Lysy
Kristen McKenzie
Yevgeniya Medvedovskaya
Amanda Nasson
Karen Neas
Jill O’Brien
Eileen O’Connell
Mary Jane Parial
Sandra Powers
Digi Rojas
Linda Sabo
Susan Tsai
Anjanette Valenzuela
Mary Catherine West
Brenna Westover
Charyn Wilson

20 Years

Julia Almeida
Marie Augustin
Martha Bitsberger
Stacy Demesyeux
Edna Echevaria
Lianping Jin
Hariklia Kamenidis
Maura Lauenstein
Michael Macdougall
Michael Mathis
Michelle Mcaskill
Mary Morris
Kimberly Noble
Marie-Angelica Oppus
Agape Panagopoulos
Kostando Sevi
Mary-Ann Sossou
Leslie Tiffany
Jovan Turner
Stacie Welch
Pamela Will

25 Years

Karen Burnett
Stephen Burns
Rosangela Cabral
Michelle Carignan
Lucie De Leon
Brenda Dipiro
Nicole Dwyer
Janice Galinsky
Teresa Gorey
Jeanne Hutchins
Jean Jay
Joanna Karatasakis
Samuel Koroma
Philip Malleson
Oswald Ramos

30 Years

Patricia Dowling
Elaine Mccann
Maria Ocasio
Patricia Pizzano
Tracy Sylven

35 Years

Robert Archibald
Anne Bosse
Margaret Foley
Timothy Fox
Yvonne Koelsch-Brown
Jean Mahoney
June Nichols

40 Years

Jeannine Bernazzani
Kettly Jean-Felix
Katherine McGowan

45 Years

Robin McFarland

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