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BWFH honors its most dedicated employees at 2022 Service Awards

Employees celebrating 25 years of service or more gather to celebrate their milestone work anniversaries, including Mary Panciocco (center right) who celebrated 55 years of service and Dara Keenan (second from left) who celebrated 50 years of service


Each year, Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital’s Employee Service Awards honor employee milestone anniversaries beginning with five years of service. This year, 200 employees were recognized during the virtual event. One of whom, 7 North’s Mary Panciocco, reached her 55-year anniversary!

During the presentation, BWFH President David O. McCready, MBA, MHA, thanked BWFH’s most dedicated employees for their years of service. “Whether you have been here for five or 55 years, please know how much we are grateful for all you do each and every day,” he said. “So much has changed over these past two years. But the one thing that has remained constant in my mind as we battle this pandemic together is your steadfast commitment to this hospital—to always doing what is right for our patients and each other. I am really honored to serve alongside you, and we are privileged to be of service to our patients and to one another every single day. That service—your service—is what we’re celebrating here today.”

Later, a special in-person celebration was held where honorees celebrating 15 years or more of service had the opportunity to meet with hospital leadership and pick up a special gift bag given in recognition of their years of service.

To watch the virtual event, click here.  

Congratulations and Thank You to All of Our Recipients!

55 Years of Service

Mary Panciocco


50 Years of Service

Dara Keenan


45 Years of Service

John Dantona

Linda Luce

Cora McHugh

Paula Whalen


40 Years of Service

Kathleen Armando

Susan Kane

Diane Pessa


35 Years of Service

Denise Amato

Sheila Czyrklis

Daniel Francillon

Carolyn Geoghegan

Kathleen Griffiths

Caroline King

Kathleen Leone

Rose O’Donnell

Robin Powell

Richard Schofield


30 Years of Service

Patricia Hanley

Brendalee Hird


25 Years of Service

Ninon Bastien

Maria Cueva

John Hauck

Catherine Palmieri

Jane Shufro


20 Years of Service

Catherine Brockington

Julia Chandler

Karen Clougher

Syvonne Delaney

Janet Delgado

Patricia Emeka

Louise Gabor

Liduina Gagnon

Carol Garcia

Denise Habermehl

James Hegarty

Mirene King

Maxine Klenicki

Jean Marcellus

Jean Monbrun

Cynthia Panchamsingh

Teresita Parand

Laure Peterson

Jean Phane

Elune Pierre

Koreen Regis


15 Years of Service

Keith Ailes

Johanna Baldassari

Helene Bowen Brady

Timothy Bryson

Jacqueline Davis

Claudel Denaud

Lisa Disario

Agnes Dumornay

Michelle Esteban

Lauren Fagundes

Andso Fede

Mary Finn

Laureen Flahive

Andrea Guarente

Sandra Guy

Katty Halloran

Smith Jordan

Marie Joseph

Rakesh Kannan

Marietta King

Kayin Knight

Nina Kolev-Kambourov

Jessica Lorusso

Mi Markhard

Bernard Marseille

Carolyn Massiah-Bonilla

Kelly Mastroianni

Melissa McDermott

Jodie Mcdonald

Michelle McLaughlin

Brenda Miele

Chardiesha Neal

Daniel O’Shea

Rose O’Sullivan

Antonia Pontes

Shaunette Richardson

Jacalyn Shellmer-Terban

Hollis Solorzano

Elizabeth Tabuteau

Silvia Valdez

Gina Weinrebe

Karen Woodworth


10 Years of Service

Ciara Alkins

Lindsay Bandazian

Shannon Curran

Marie Dieuvil

Nola Dzen

Abdellah El Fatihi

Donna Ferguson-Taylor

Katrina Generozov

Deborah Georgenes

Sarah Gindel

Lusy Gonzalez

James Grafton

Julianne Griffin

Wayne Hartshorn

Debra Jefferson

Kathleen Lang

Salvatore LaScala

Terrance Lassiter

Stephanie LoGiudice

Kathleen Lyons

Meaghan McCarthy

Alexandra Penzias

Anna Peterson

Densy Pimentel

Sherrie Renzi

Janice Reyes

Tammy Tran

Elizabeth Walsh

Sonia Zucker


5 Years of Service

Tai Adigun

Gabriel Agim

Medina Ahmed

Edgard Andre

Samantha Andreasen

Barbara Anglin

Deborah Banks

Andrea Bialas

Lamar Bland

Michelle Boudreau

Michelle Bowler

Annette Brown

Victoria Buckley

Miracia Charles

Brian Chen

Manoucheka Cherenfant

Jennifer Christensen

Norma Cisneros

Georgeta Ciuica

Derrick Combs

Bina Darai

Isser Harrel Digan

Kelly Duguay

Laurel Durning-Hammond

Rosalie Edouard

Emily Flynn

Rony Garcia

Alana Grealish

John Griffin

Michael Hanavan

Patricia Herald

Dorose Higgins

Jasmine Idiokitas

Jestin Jose

Jessica Judge

Lara Karpinski

Meaghan Klempa

Linda Lafreniere

Pamela Landry

Kirsten Larrabee

Nicholas Lee

Mary Lomuscio

Mario Lopez

Janet Manu

Jay-Bie Manuel

Gina Marinelli

Miloud Milinazzo

Lauren Miller

Jude Mofor

Rebecca Mogensen

Joshua Morey

Kenneth Nash

Peter Nguyen

Jessica Ollis

Kristen Oteri

Linda Otterson

Gregory Pamphile

Pamela Park

Landree Parrott

Robert Pierazek

Kathryn Plante

Kenneth Popp

Vanessa Pugh

Mary Riley

Raiza Ruiz

Nadine Saintus

Ada Savinon

Rithy Sek

Eric Sheppard

Kecia-lloy Spencer

Audrey Steffano

Shondel Stoner

Angela Tejeda

Jenny Valdez

Glade Vasquez

Elizabeth Vazquez

Paul Venuto

Guadalupe Vides

Emily Wan

Ashley Wong

Ann Zeghibe


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