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BWFH honors its most dedicated employees at Service Awards

2019 Service Awards

Each year, Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital’s Employee Service Awards honor employee milestone anniversaries. This year, 167 employees were recognized, five of whom reached their 40-year anniversary and one of whom reached their 45-year anniversary.

Those employees with five and ten years of service were honored at an afternoon reception in the Mary Ann Tynan Conference Center.

Later in the evening, employees with 15 or more years of service gathered in Huvos Auditorium. There, BWFH President David O. McCready, MBA, MHA, welcomed the honorees and their families and thanked BWFH’s most dedicated employees for their years of service. “It really does take all of us working together each and every day to continually meet the needs of our patients and their families. And for family and friends here tonight, you also play a part in the care we provide because while your loved one is here at the hospital, you’re at home tending to children, your own work, outside activities and so much more! So thank you all for your dedication to our mission and for being such a vital part of the Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital family!” he said.

Employees with 15 and 20 years of service were honored by Human Resources Executive Director Laura Barnett. Those with 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years of service were honored by members of the senior leadership team with bouquets of flowers and induction into the George Faulkner Arboretum Society.

To watch a special video presentation from the event, click here.  

To see more photos from the event, visit BWFH’s Facebook page.

Congratulations and Thank You to All of Our Recipients!

45 Years of Service

Donald Devincenzo

40 Years of Service

Eileen Hanson

Mary Hourihan

Edward Marquez

Mary Martin

Lorraine Shannon

35 Years of Service

Jill Benoit

Susan Clark

Mark Devlin

Claire Hamrock

John Welch

30 Years of Service

Marie Bazil

Fortunata Buenaventura

Clare Coughlan

Marie Goudal

Bernadette Javier

Marie Lamour

Marilyn MacDonald

Marachel Nerier

Diane Norris-Brodnax

Sarah Robart

Susan Speicher

Donna Wentworth

25 Years of Service

Angela Boring

Afonso Brito

Joanne Cassiani

Roger Coppin

Cheryl Dobbs

Idris Kanu

Frank Kelley

Lori Lenef

Anne Marie Lopez

Prophete Mathieu

20 Years of Service

Wanda Abercrombie

Gizelle Alexandre

Margaret Anastasi

Margaret Duggan

Maria Fernandez

Jacinta Foncha

Minda Getgano

Cori Loescher

Eamon McDevitt

Villiscent Puran

Sandra Rosenfeld

15 Years of Service

Alia Altidor

Rosaline Babagbemi

Carmela Bottari-Humphries

Alicia Ciulla

Brenda Cleary

Patricia Connolly

Frankie Coplin

Jacqueline DeJean

Samantha Erikson

Emmly Fidelia

Jane Flint

Rocio Gonzalez

Geoffrey Healy

Louise Hines

Erin Kelleher

Katherine Killinger

Susan MacDonald

Shirley Mahoney

Jillian Martin

Brian McIntosh

Sarah Marie Moran

Agrenus Muttakin

Catherine O’Leary

Lisa Porazzo

Mara Salvucci

Kristyn Shields

David Tran

Jean Tremblay

Mary Troisi

Diane Tuohy

10 Years of Service

Ana Amaya

Clair Arthurs

Karen Buenaventura

Lisa Chin

Sandra Day

Marjorie Doucette

Christine Escartin

Blondie Gaines

Regina Galvin

Elba I Gonzalez

Mary Hannon

Lyes Hassani

Nickisha Hurlock

Robin Kaufman

Christopher Levesque

James Manna

Gina Marsh

Lindsey McDermott

Umesh Mukkuzhi

Sheila Murphy

Evelyn Osorio

Aguilas Romeus

Madeline Spinosa

Edwin St. Pierre

Shannon Vukosa

Gary Williams

Sebastian Witkowski

Pauline Woodworth

5 Years of Service

Ahmed Abdalaoui

Ron Agustin

Mary Akiki

Haire Barjami

Christina Blair

Virginia Boomhower

Deirdre Botsch

Christina Brooks

Stephanie Brooks

Linda Burgoon

Susan Cohen

Cathy-Joh Curran

Richard Daniels

Arthur Dayton

Migdalia De Jesus

Courtney Dickson

Susan Duffy

Tisha Dunkley

Guerda Elisna

Amanda Farrell

Angel Feliciano

Michael Ferrante

Paslyn Francis

Tara Frizzell

Raya Goldberg

Joseph Goldwater

Wayne Goodwin

Alyson Griesche

Michelle Harnden

Christopher Haslam

Nefail Hoxha

Lindsey Jacobs

Beverly Jobson

Joanne Kelly

Leslie Killion

Chetsadaporn King

Krista Klopfenstein

Zainabu Koroma

Dela Lolonga

Michelle Madan

Samuel Montgomery

Samantha Morrison-Ma

Jessica Morrissey

Lyndse Nation

Joseph Nguyen

Melanie Omojola

Katherine Padovano

Dawn Patten

Gissel Pichardo

Stewart Prue

Aracelis Puello

Erica Ricci

Jessica Rosado

Faydene Small-Jones

Keyana Sylvia

Bindu Thomas

Nancy Thompson

Sarah Toczylowski

Dennis Urquilla

Elizabeth Walsh

Selamawit Wrufael

Julia Young

Brian Zikaras

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