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Baxter Spectrum IQ large-volume pumps go-live tomorrow, Wednesday, May 29

Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 29, Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital will convert its large-volume infusion pumps to the new Baxter Spectrum IQ pump. The new pump is being rolled out in phases throughout other Partners institutions. Transitioning to one large-volume infusion pump for the Partners enterprise is an important step toward the system’s goal of wireless integration with Partners eCare.

What to Expect During Go-Live

  • Two teams comprised of BWFH staff and Baxter technicians will be deployed throughout the hospital to swap out the existing Baxter large-infusion pumps with the new Baxter pumps. They will likely begin at 6 am on May 29.
  • When the team comes to your unit to swap out the pumps, they will answer any questions you have prior to leaving. If patient care staff feel it is not safe or appropriate to transition a patient’s pump at that time, the team will return later to do so.
  • Syringe and patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) pumps are not impacted during this go-live. They will be replaced later this year.
  • We expect the transition of each pump to take only a few minutes, and the impact to patients will be minimal. Patients will receive information about what is happening, and they will be assured that their IV access will remain.
  • All staff should be mindful that there may be delays as people are getting used to a new process of administering medications via the new Baxter pump. It may, for example, take longer to set up for a surgical case.

Support During Go-Live

To ensure that staff have the assistance they need to safely operate the new pumps, support will be available around the clock:

  • Unit-based super users: Staff on each unit will be available to provide at-the-elbow support. Super users should be your first contact if you have questions or need assistance.
  • BWFH educators: Throughout the go-live process, Informatics for Nursing/Patient Care Services Program Manager Paula Wolski, MSN, RN-BC, and Nursing Professional Development Manager Phil Malleson, MSN, RN-BC, will be available to answer any and all questions or concerns.
  • Baxter educator: Contact information will be posted prior to go-live for a Baxter educator, who will be on-site rounding and able to respond to calls for assistance 24/7 until May 31.

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