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A nurse gives thanks to the coworkers who went above and beyond to show they care

Lisa and Melanie Lennon

In January of 2018, Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital Emergency Department nurse Lisa Lennon lost her husband Michael and her home to a fire. At the time, she was expecting the couple’s first child.

Upon hearing the news, her coworkers pulled together to support their friend and coworker. They established a GoFundMe page, brought food, purchased clothing, toiletries and baby clothes, donated gift cards and baby items and offered their love and support, and they continue to do so to this day.

In May, Lisa gave birth to a baby girl who she and Michael had named Melanie Elizabeth.

Today, baby Melanie is thriving. Lisa credits her coworkers and Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital employees for all they did to support her and her new baby. In the letter below, Lisa offers her heartfelt thanks:

Dear Faulkner Family,

People often say that they work with great people, never could I have imagined how incredible the staff at BWFH actually is. I do now know if you who are reading this understand the difference you MADE in the lives of myself and Melanie. If you were not aware, each and every hour donated came to help Melanie and I begin to re-establish our family home. You will all be happy to know I will be remaining here at BWFH with the second family I have come to learn that I have here. I cannot begin to express the gratitude I have for all of you being a part of my life. Michael would be happy knowing the love, support and generosity I have found in the hearts of all of you.


Lisa and Melanie Lennon

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