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Clark Named Associate Hospital Epidemiologist

Roger Clark, DO, has been named Associate Hospital Epidemiologist at Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital.

Dr. Clark came to BWFH in 2007 as an Infectious Diseases attending physician, a role he maintains today. In 2009 he added Infection Prevention to his workload. In his new role as Associate Hospital Epidemiologist, Dr. Clark will continue to work closely with the Department of Patient Safety, Quality, Infection Control and Accreditation.

Dr. Clark’s new title is in recognition of the expanded role he has taken on during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. “This past year has brought into focus just how important our public health agencies are. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health and Boston Public Health Commission played key roles in helping to keep the pandemic contained. As exhausting and terrible as the last year was, it has also been a privilege to play a small part in trying to keep people safe during an unprecedented event,” he says.

Despite the challenges, Dr. Clark is thankful to have found a home here at BWFH. “The number one lesson I learned over the last year is what an incredible staff we have here at BWFH,” he says. “Despite being afraid of becoming ill taking care of sick patients, our staff came to work every day and did their jobs, and did them well. Every single person here put themselves at risk to carry on with our mission to take care of the sickest patients.”

He also credits BWFH’s incredible support staff for their role in caring for patients during the pandemic and helping to slow the spread of infection. “In my mind, these are the true unsung heroes of the pandemic,” says Dr. Clark. “I think we all gained an appreciation of just how important Environmental Services is in dealing with communicable diseases. And not only Environmental Services, but also our food services, transport teams and everyone providing direct patient care.”

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