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7 North receives 2022 DAISY Team Award

Clinical Leader Tracy Lane, MSN, RN, MEDSURG-BC, holds 7 North’s DAISY Team Award

The DAISY Team Award, given for the first time at Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital this year, recognizes a nursing team that has made a profound difference in the lives of their patients and family members. The team demonstrates collaboration, using clinical expertise and compassionate care to attain better patient and family outcomes. The inaugural award was recently presented to 7 North.

The 7 North team was nominated for the DAISY Team Award by a patient’s grateful family member who wrote in her nomination letter:

I would like to nominate Tracy Lane as well as the entire staff of 7 North for the DAISY Team Award. My mother was a patient on 7 North for several weeks before she passed. From the moment she was admitted to 7 North, Tracy and the rest of the staff were there to support my mother and my family. The care and caring that my mother received was so unbelievable. Every nurse or staff that came into the room treated my mother with such dignity and affection, as if she were their own mother. Nobody was just doing their job. They were nurses who cared about the patient and her family. Things that seem like little things but meant the world to us, like making sure we were all comfortable and had what we needed, providing a cart for the family so that we would have something to drink and eat, as well as constantly checking in with us to see if mom needed anything. I was staying long days and nights with mom and Tracy went out of her way to find me a more comfortable chair so that I could be with mom. Tracy was not the only one. Monica, Kevin, Tony, Denise, Medes, Amanda, Nina, Abby and Lauren also helped care for mom, and I am sure I have forgotten a few names. I also want to mention the PCAs that helped care for mom, they were also so caring. Whenever she had to be changed or moved it was done with compassion so as not to increase mom’s stress. It was a difficult decision for my family but we changed mom’s status to comfort care and eventually to hospice. Mom remained in the hospital until she passed. During those last days I spent a lot of time with her and had the privilege to watch some of the best nurses I have ever met. As a nurse at BWFH myself for 35 years I always knew that Faulkner nurses were the best, but never more than I know it now. Mom was medicated on hospice protocol during the last few days and every nurse made sure that she received the medication she needed on time and when she needed more, they quickly assessed the situation and called the Palliative Care Team. The most amazing thing was that during this time they also found time to care for myself and my family members. Sitting with us and offering console or just being there in the late hours of the night. Kevin (float from ICU) made it a point to assure me that I was his patient also for the night and whatever I needed he would be there for me. Denise was her nurse for several of the nights and I knew that mom would be well cared for if I left for a few hours to get some sleep. The night before mom passed was difficult for me because I was exhausted and knew I had to go home at some point but was afraid to leave. Lauren was her nurse and she sat with me and assured me she would keep a close eye on her and would find some time to sit with her. I left late that night feeling better because I knew someone cared. When I returned the next morning, we knew her time was close. Tracy was the nurse and we talked and cried. I knew she was there for mom and for me. During the day she continued to check in on us both and medicated mom to make sure she was comfortable and held my hand to make sure I was alright. Mom passed quietly that afternoon. It was difficult, but believe me when I say I could not have done it without all the love and support I felt from my “Faulkner Family.” Sorry for the long letter but I think it is important for everyone on 7 North to know they made a great difference in a patient’s life and death, as well as the difference they made for her family.

To learn more about the DAISY Team Award, click here.

Published 12/29/22

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