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2020 Max and Glenna Bermann Radiology Employee of the Year recipient announced

Image of the Bermann Award presentation

Anna Spellman (second from right) being presented with the Bermann award by Radiology leadership.

The Max and Glenna Bermann Radiology Employee of the Year Award is given annually to one individual in the Radiology Department who best exemplifies the qualities of professionalism, patient-centeredness, teamwork, selflessness and self-initiative that are so important to achieving optimal patient care. This year’s recipient is Ultrasonographer Anna (Frausini) Spellman.

Spellman was nominated by Dan Souza, MD and Ultrasound Supervisor Ashley Cazeau. In their nomination letter, Souza and Cazeau describe Spellman’s dedication to the department and its patients:

Anna Spellman is an essential part of the ultrasound team and has been a dedicated member of the department at BWFH for 5 years. She is likeable and has established a great relationship with her teammates and other members of the radiology department.

When starting her day, Anna takes the lead to ensure that there is proper coordination of care for our ultrasound patients by establishing a closed loop communication with other departments, the schedulers, the radiologist and the care team.  Example: We once had a patient who was scheduled incorrectly by a provider’s office. Despite a busy schedule, Anna took on the responsibility of making sure the patient was booked in the correct department. 

Anna ensures the department is ready and has all that is needed to function for the day. She takes notes of the inventory for weekly orders and keeps up with Peoplesoft changes by communicating with other departments and ensuring proper items are ordered.

When presented with the opportunity to take part in a committee allowing staff voices to be heard Anna did not hesitate at the chance to get involved. She became part of the Employee Satisfaction Task force and made sure to attend all their monthly meetings. She voices her opinions and concerns when necessary and offers suggestions that can improve workflow for the department.

Anna plays a big part in the education and training of our students and new hires. She especially takes initiative when Harvard Medical students rotate through our department. She takes pleasure in teaching them about the different aspects of ultrasound.

Anna is always flexible and there to help her coworkers whenever they need. She will stay late to help the department when necessary, as demonstrated by her recent return for an OR case added towards the end of the day. Anna did not hesitate to take it on to allow her coworkers to tend to other patients that were waiting.

Anna is a great team player. She maintains a professional relationship with her coworkers and the radiologists. She is a true example of the patient-centeredness, teamwork, selflessness and self-initiative that the Bermann award represents. The ultrasound department is lucky to have her on the team.

Spellman’s nomination was presented as part of the Department’s National Radiologic Technology Week celebrations alongside Chief of Radiology Dylan C. Kwait, MD, and Director of Radiology Brian McIntosh, BS, RT(R) CRA.

The Max and Glenna Bermann Radiology Employee of the Year Award is named in honor of Dr. Max Bermann and Glenna Bermann, who started working at Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital in 1972. He was a staff radiologist and she was a radiologic technologist. Over the course of their combined 80 plus years in the Radiology Department, they demonstrated an unwavering commitment to their patients.

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